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2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff]

2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff] 2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff] 2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff] 2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff] 2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff]

2012 F-One Bandit V (5) Kitesurf Kite [Clearance 25% 0ff]



No Bar (Kite Only) (+0.00)
2012 Airlite 45cm (5-10m) (+224.99)


Please not we can only sell the 9m complete with bar, all other sizes can only be purchased kite only
The all new F-One Bandit 5 (V) is a totally new designed kite offering better performance and safety than ever before yet performs at all levels no matter what your skill level.

F-One's goal was not to offer just a versatile kite but the best kite for each discipline and every style of rider whether you are just a beginner or pro athlete - the F-One Bandit 5 (V) is for you!

F-One set their goals for the F-One Bandit 5 (V):

To further increase the Bandit 5's range, F-One needed both a kite that you could easily power up in the low end anda kite that was even more forgiving in strong and gusty conditions.

In order to improve its performance when under powered, and add to the ease of use at the bottom end its lightness was a priority.

To immediately position the kite where you want it, to precisely manage its rotation during a kiteloop, and to have the most responsive kite in larger sizes, its maneuverability is crucial. This is why we have focused our attention on this particular aspect.

F-One Bandit 5 (V) Improvements:
The whole structure of the kite, its profile and its bridles have been reworked in order to achieve these goals. Its construction has also been fundamentally updated both in the choice and the distribution of materials and in the manufacturing processes. Because the structure of a kite is soft, it can deform and twist allowing the kite to rotate. A fully rigid profile wing will not turn at all. Therefore, manoeuverability and responsiveness of the kite depends directly on its ability to twist, one important point that F-One have greatly improved on thanks to a thinner leading edge, a new 3-point bridle system and a new shape for the struts. All these features were made to free the kites profile. Reducing the diameter of the leading edge with almost 25% less air volume, brings an important gain in terms of weight and aerodynamics. The result is better performance in the low end, but also at the top end thanks to an improved handling thinner profile.

F-One have also gained in terms of set up comfort as the inflation time has been reduced. A new type of flatter profile was employed by reducing the profile curve depth making the Bandit 5 (V) easier to depower and keep control at the top end. In the low end, a flatter profile is more efficient when powered-up and fully sheeted in providing constant power. The result is a better control of the kite aerodynamics, less lateral traction and less pressure and therefore effort through your legs and into the board when the wind picks up. Finally, some important work was undertaken on the bar feeling and pressure . The feedback from the bar provides you with constant information and lets you know what’s going on allowing you to adjus the position, the pull and the speed of your kite in the wind window at any given time.

These sensations must be precisely delivered so you can receive them all without the steering becoming a physical burden. The F-One Bandit 5 (V) puts more effort through the harness and less through your arms. The direct bar feeling allows for the transmission of all necessary information you need to make your riding better. Each year, F-One test more than sixty prototypes in order to meet all your chosen criteria and spend more than 120 days on the water to develop each new collection. With the Bandit 5 (V) F-One have largely achieved all initial objectives over the Bandit 4. Lighter, more manoeuverable and responsive; the Bandit 5 (V) is even smoother and ultimately more enjoyable and more effective regardless of the type of riding you do.

The new F-One Bandit 5 (V) now comes with a one-pump system and the bridles are cleaner and more comfortable to use.

The F-One Bandit 5 (V) kites has a higher aspect ratio giving you more lift and stability as well as an increased higher wind range.

This 2012 Bandit 5 (V) kite has less bar pressure when you are overpowered allowing for more of a comfortable ride and more confidence to unhook and try new manoeuvres even when overpowered.

The higher aspect ratio canopy profile allow for squarer wingtips making the overall performance of the kite more stable and more direct and precise during jumps.

Featuring the Life Line and the Auto re-launch, it brings superb comfort and safety to the rider.

An innovative C-shape kite with 4 line simplicity for no compromise performance, safety and control.

Developed and patented by F-One, it has proved reliable in all disciplines and for all levels of rider.

This single design is solution for all types of riders for one clear choice.

It combines strong features such as safety, performance, wind range, easy auto relaunch, simplicity of setup and unhooked riding without any compromises.

Increased wind window for a constant forward pull
Legendary low end Bandit wind range
New oustanding high end control
Excellent stability over the entire range
Shorter bar clearance for full power / depower
Smooth bar traction while unhooked
Increased Upwind and Speed Performance
Maximum Depower with a shorter depower rope
Lighter bar feeling and direct confident feeling
Better control of the profile and shape in high wind range for impressed performance and control

Control Bars:
All bars will fit all sizes kites - the smaller sized 5.0m-10m ones fly best with the 45 cm and the 11m-14m's are 55 cm. All flying lines are 24 m.

You can use 22 m - 20 m or 18 m if you like to have the SL feeling if you're use to it.

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