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Core 720 Strapless Kitesurfing Surfboard

  As we navigate the limitless world of strapless riding, we may ask ourselves, “How far can I take this?” For some, the simple answer might be, “I’ll be lucky...

Core Bolt 3 Wakestyle Kiteboard

  You’re the top dog in the park. You throw the sickest transitions and grind the gnarliest logs, docks and water features. Your board needs to edge hard, go big...

Core CHOICE 4 Kiteboard

  The CORE Choice 4 is back and even smoother than before with an added amount of pop to guarantee extreme stoke!    FREESTYLE+ | WAVE | FREERIDE CORE Choice...

Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard

When you have a kite as potent and powerful as the XR7, it’s mission-critical to find a twintip that can harness its power and precision. So, we built the Fusion...

Core Green Room Big Wave Surfboard Kiteboard

  The beauty and allure of big wave riding is undeniable. Some of us will drop everything and drive hours in the hope of catching a really big day. And...

Core GTS6 Kitesurfing Kite

Core GTS6 Kitesurfing Kite GTS6. Like a friend that pushes us beyond our comfort zone to a place with no limits, CORE’s newest Universal Series kite unlocks your wild side....

Core Impact 2 Wakestyle Kitesurfing Kite

  Experience the ultimate unhooked machine. A legit wakestyle beast. A pure C with five lines. Its skinny ExoTex airframe, deep C canopy, increased trim options, and extra sizes fuel...

Core Nexus 2

  Core Nexus 2   Core Nexus 2 is one of our favourite all-round kites. If you're one of the riders mixing boosting on a TwinTip, carving the waves on...

Core Ripper 4 Kite Surfboard

Core Ripper 4 Kite Surfboard   The original is back with a radical new look and an even wider range. The forth gen Ripper features a completely new outline and...

Core Section 2 Wave Kitesurfing Kite

  You know who you are. You live for waves. And no wonder. The lure of an endless right-hander, a new point break, or an emerald ocean swell is undeniable....

Core Sensor 2 Bar Pro Equipment and Spares

  Core Sensor 2 Pro Bar Equipment We stock most of the Core Kiteboarding Sensor 2 Bar Spare parts. If something's missing off this list be sure to get in...

Core Sensor 2 Kitesurfing Bar

  Your session’s awesomeness depends heavily on your gear. We believe the Sensor 2 control bar system contributes much more than you would think to kite performance. And it’s what...