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Sku: cb-ctr-2021-1
Vendor: Cabrinha

Cabrinha Contra 2021

Cabrinha Contra is one of our all time favourite kites. Why? It gets us out in the winds when we'd never think it's possible to kitesurf in on a twintip or... a foil. Despite three struts, the Contra stays in the air almost as long as some of our foil kites which is always pretty surprising as we all use them on hydrofoils in lighter winds. It seems as if there's less of a need now since Cabrinha put the Contra on a diet with the light yet super durable Nano RipStop. Being able to cruise on a foil in 7-8 knots with an inflatable kite is pretty epic. Also, the confidence-inspiring stability when it sits at 12 with no intention of falling off is a big plus in those marginal conditions.

It's also a great kite on a twin tip - it squeezes an insane amount of power out of every knot of wind, and the faster you go - the more apparent wind it generates. We're always stoked to see our clients coming out of demo session in next-to-nothing with a massive smile across their face. It's an epic kite for all experience levels too. Whether you want to have a stable tool to learn basics on and just cruise around or go big and throw unhooked tricks under a kite that won't back stall - the new Contra is there to deliver. And yes, we have demo kites so just give us a shout!

    Cabrinha Contra 2020 - Nano Ripstop Technology