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Sku: cabrinha-moto-2020-15
Vendor: Cabrinha

The new Cabrinha Moto V2 is the kite we've all been waiting for. We loved how Moto has changed the lineup and became one of the most versatile kites on the market. With the extensive changes made to the second edition it's got even better. Over the last two years we have been using the Moto across twin tips, surfboards and foils. 


It jumps amazingly well, provides lots of glide and it's surprisingly fast yet fairly gentle in kiteloops. Pretty epic for learning big air tricks but also at being very predictable at everything else. It's a kite that works for both beginners and advanced riders looking for a well-rounded kite that will play well with all their toys.

It's exceedingly good in surf and on a foil too. To an extent that it became the only kite some of our staff travels with to cover all their boards. It's not as drifty as the Drifter but it inspires a lot of confidence even in the bigger surf. When set to light wind setting it stays in the air forever making it an ideal choice for foiling sessions. Because it's not overly aggressive when looped, the Cabrinha Moto feels very smooth in downloops too when carving on a strapless board or gybing on a foil.

It's also Cabrinha's lightest 3-strut kite on the bar, however they've made it more responsive this year with just enough of bar pressure to always know where the kite is, but not so much that you end up with aching arms after the session. The super easy relaunch helps too when you mess up - thanks to the wingtip shapes it gets back up in the air with ease. Which is pretty helpful when you drop it in front of a wave! 

Who is it for? Beginner to Advanced riders looking for an easy kite to fly yet packing a bunch of performance.

What riding styles does it suit? It feels at home across twin tips, surfboards and foils. So if you ride a bit of everything - Moto is the way!

What's the construction like? It's made out of the premium Nano RipStop - one of the strongest and lightest materials available on the market.