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Sku: core-xr7
Vendor: Core

Core XR7 Kitesurfing Kite

The XR line of Core kites has always been the ones to go for when it comes to Big Air. Ridiculous hang time, stable lift and plenty of power on tap became its signature for years. When we though that things can't get any better Core has released the XR7 and we are absolutely blown away. If you want some of that action - we've got these bad boys on demo!

There's a lot of new tech stuff that got changed and you can read all about it here. What it translates into though is a much more playful kite than ever. It turns faster and feels smoother through the loops. Boosting is similar to the XR6 with more of a vertical pull without loosing any of its incredible float.

We love the implementation of the new CoreTex 2.0 canopy material - we've always valued Core for their fantastic durability so seeing further improvements are a welcome sight. Having shed some weight too so the kite feels better on the low end - especially if you're taking it out on a foil.

If you want a demo or you have any questions about the right size for you - give us a shout and we'll be happy to help!