• Shinn Jackson Foilboard 2017
  • Shinn Jackson Foilboard 2017
  • Shinn Jackson Foilboard 2017
  • Shinn Jackson Foilboard 2017


Shinn Jackson Foilboard


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Shinn Jackson Foilboard

We started with ideas, a list of all the features a dedicated foil board should have and then we innovated and tested until all the boxes were ticked. With jackson it was the development of the chine rail that allowed us to incorporate the stiffness so vital in a high performance foil board without resorting to either extra core thickness or excess lamination of the deck. This key feature also reduces rail-catch when carving tightly or driving hard upwind.

A wide nose with plenty of scoop permits rider survival through occasional touchdowns whilst the flat tail rocker ensures essential efficiency crucial to starting in minimal conditions.

The first board to be fitted with our all new trim-tracks, jackson allows easy foil position tuning for multiple rider ability levels on one board in addition to performance adjustments as the conditions change.

From first day beginner to freeriding expert alike – jackson fulfils the needs of all committed foilers.

Shinn Jackson Key Features:

  • Chine rails - Optimal deck stiffness combined with low rail catching both upwind and when carving
  • Trim-track equipped - Adjustable foil positioning for optimal performance in all conditions
  • One-piece 3d foot traction Security underfoot combined with shaping where you need it for added control whilst both riding and waterstarting
  • Low volume deck - Easier to position and control when water starting
  • High lift cavity - Generous nose scoop lets you survive the occasional touch down
  • Sneaker Ltd Straps - Lightweight and comfy – set up in 0, 1, 2 or 3 strap configuration
  • Full wood core - The best strength to weight ratio available with long lasting durability
  • No quibble warranty - Peace of mind with our no-quibble 2 year manufacturing defect warranty