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Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Evo SLS is our kite of choice for all round use - from twintip to surfboard to foiling, it excels in all disciplines leaving nothing to be desired. Built upon massive success of the standard Evo, the SLS edition is lighter, stronger and therefore faster and smoother in the air. We were absolutely blown away by how well this kite performed in marginal winds on the foil and how well it kept its own when overpowered in gusty Scottish winds.

It's designed to be forgiving for beginners and to provide absolute top-end performance for advanced riders. From easy relaunch and impressive stability in the air to smooth loops and decent drift in the waves - if you're doing a bit of everything and you want the best there is to make your sessions more enjoyable the Evo SLS is the way to go.


Compared to standard Evo, apart from the weight saving which comes in handy when traveling and foiling, the SLS feels faster through the air. We had no issues throwing kiteloops on the 12m in not the best conditions and we felt totally safe. The kite climbs up really fast, even in larger sizes. Not to mention the boosting capabilities as these are off the charts. Even if you mess up the timing on take off - Evo feels very lofty with plenty of hang time and butter-smooth landings.

Thanks to its stability Evo SLS is a superb kite to learn new tricks with just enough bar pressure to always know where the kite is but not so much that you end up with an arm pump. Built using a mix of Trinity TX canopy and Penta TX for the frame, the kite is about 15% lighter but also stronger than ever before. We put our demo kites through their paces and the SLS series never disappoint.

If you want to demo out the Duotone Evo SLS - get in touch! We offer demo sessions locally but also we can send the kite UK wide.