• WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018
  • WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018
  • WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018
  • WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018


WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018


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WMFG Double Kite Pump 2.0D - 2018


Height: 24"/61cm (Extra Tall)
Diameter: 2 X 4"/10cm
Capacity: 5.8L/Stroke

The new 2.0D is the biggest kiteboard pump ever made. The new dual chamber monster pump literally pushes double the air of the 2.0T pump.

If massiveness is a Tech Feature the 2.0T has it. Standard WMFG pump features include the new Mega Flex Hose, premium kite tether, spare parts, and more nozzles than any other brand of pump ensuring the widest and best range of kite compatibility of any pump on the market. 

A big part of the magic of the WMFG 2.0D is three pump settings which switches the pump from max capacity, to medium pressure, to max pressure settings. The WMFG 2.0D allows the user to switch from both chambers inflating on both up and down stroke, to a single chamber in up and down stroke, and then, to reach maximum pressure, to switch to a single barrel in down only stroke. This pump pushes so much air that with both chambers in operation it's impossible to reach high enough PSI to fly most kites. 


3 WAY INFLATION SWITCH: The key to the 2.0D pump is the ability to switch between MAX CAPACITY/MEDIUM PRESSURE/MAX PRESSURE . 

New Mega Flex Hose: Extra durable, super flexy, fits kites even better. 

New Threaded Boston Valve: Extra secure, high volume for kites fitted with the Boston inflation valve (Naish, Airush, Switch, Takoon).

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