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Sku: airush-core-foil-1
Vendor: Airush


Airush Core Foil

If you're looking for an easy-going foil that will get you up and riding with ease - the Airush Core Foil is the one to go for. Right now at a cracking price too! 

Designed to take you from your first steps in foiling to advanced freeride. The Airush Core Foil features our high stability, low drag wing design, on a refined fuselage with a low profile plate mounting as a standard option. The modular design can be configured with different length masts, board mounting systems and wing configurations to suit your riding level and personal preference. The vertical mast configuration to 9 x 16cm plate is compatible with most standard boards and can be configured with a Tuttle System if required. The 60cm mast is ideal for learning or riders who prefer the shorter mast and can be easily swapped out to the 80cm mast as a more standard freeride configuration.

The standard freeride wing set is ideal for everyday use while the high lift wing set has been developed for lower speed applications such as learning, wave riding and extreme light winds. No matter what your level or riding conditions, the Airush Core foil delivers versatile performance for everyday use.

The Airush Foil range has been redesigned from the ground up with focus on performance and reliability. New features such as reinforced wing inserts, one-piece fuselage, and triple bolt connections to the mast from both plate and fuselage, have been used and tested to further increase the longevity and quality of the foil under high loads and stress that are caused during riding.

This focus on quality is matched with performance that meets the requirements of entry to advanced riders with multiple choices of mast lengths and wing options. The various options and compatibility allow each rider to customize their ride from the very first ride with slow and low performance to the most technical riding abilities with longer masts and higher aspect wing settings.