• Airush Livewire 2017
  • Airush Livewire 2017
  • Airush Livewire 2017


Airush Livewire 2017

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Airush Livewire 2017

Utilizing the same shape as the groundbreaking Livewire, the Reefer Series introduces a heavy-duty sintered base and bombproof layup to create a board which is ideal for sliders, park riding and for general abuse.

Sizes: 135X40CM I 138X41CM I 140X42CM I 142X43CM

The Livewire Reefer receives a full makeover this year. Increased stiffness in the tips of the board increase the pop and drive, while the dual rocker and deep channel tip make the Livewire Reefer ideal for riders who prefer to ride more powered. This response is focused on the perfect “load and pop” optimized by the tri-axial Glass layup and Carbon Torsion Control. The 3D re-enforced tips allow the new Livewire to hold its rocker while enhancing its durability with the increased force these boards are having to withstand when riding with boots and on obstacles.

The stiffest layup in the Airush board range, the Livewire Reefer is ideal for huge powered moves and, combined with the higher rocker, it is the ride of choice for Alex Pastor in any park style session.

Key Features:

Multizone Biotech Core
The airush multizone biotech construction is a vertical paulownia wood core sandwich. This multilayer construction creates a consistent density from the natural material. Our wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness, and are combined with a versatile combination of laminates depending on each model’s requirement, for all-round performance and durability.

Carbon Torsion Control
Airush carbon torsion control creates a unique performance advantage developed specifically for performance freeride boards. Traditionally higher flex boards, which are ideal for freeride, have significant torsional flex. Carbon torsion control features bias oriented carbon fiber along the heel edge which reduces the amount of torsional flex in this area and allows you to ride the board flatter for increased comfort and speed.

HD Grindrite
The HD Grindrite base featured on the livewire reefer is our ultra durable multipurpose sintered base. This dual composite bottom sheet is self-lubricating, self-healing and highly abrasion resistant. This grindrite base makes the livewire reefer the perfect crossover board for competition wakestyle as well as for sliders and kickers.

Fms Rating
Airush introduced fms rating 6 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes. Instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness, fms takes into account the board’s length and deflection. A lower rating indicates a softer board more suited to freeride, while higher rated stiffer boards are more suited to freestyle.

Abs Reinforced Inserts
No more pulled or broken inserts from hard landings or crashes. Featured on all airush boards, the abs reinforced inserts create the ultimate amount of durability whether riding with boots or straps.