• Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2015 Kitesurfing Board
  • Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2015 Kitesurfing Board
  • Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2015 Kitesurfing Board
  • Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2015 Kitesurfing Board
  • Airush Livewire Kiteboard 2015 Kitesurfing Board


Airush Livewire Kiteboard - 2015

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Airush Livewire Kiteboard - 2015

With Alex Pastor winning the 2013 PKRA world Championships on the Livewire, it needs no introduction as the pinnacle of wakestyle and freestyle performance kiteboards. The Livewire features a unique dual rocker with a flatter rail rocker, for maximum pop and upwind performance, while the center rocker is increased for comfort and easier landing during powered tricks. In addition, the Livewire features Grindrite, Airush’s exclusive sintered grind base, making the Livewire the choice for shredding on kickers and sliders.

The Grindrite base is a .4 mm sintered base that provides better glide and durability on the base of the Livewire board. Popularly found on the bottom of Skis and Snowboards, this Grindrite base helps to protect the overall board on abrasive terrain like kickers and sliders.

Airush Carbon Torsion Control creates a unique performance advantage developed specifically for performance freeride boards. Traditionally higher flex boards, ideal for freeride, have significant torsional flex. The Carbon Torsion Control features bias oriented Carbon fiber along the heel edge, reducing the amount of torsional flex in this area, this allows you to ride the board flatter for increasing comfort and speed.

The Airush Multizone Biotech construction is a vertical wood core sandwich comprising of a dual density Balsa and Poplar core with ABS rail and tips. The higher density poplar stringer creates a hyper responsive centre section while the outer balsa section minimises the weight. Our wood cores are renowned for their response, durability and smoothness, and are combined with a versatile triaxial laminate, for all-round performance and durability.

Airush introduced FMS rating 6 years ago as the first brand to quantify how much a twintip flexes, instead of the good old “feel” test, which can be very deceptive due to the impact of the length on the overall stiffness. FMS takes into account the boards length and deflection and lower rating indicating a softer board. Softer boards are more suited to freeride, while stiffer boards are more suited to Freestyle.

The Progressive Dual Rocker featured on the Livewire offers a unique rocker where smaller sizes run slightly flatter rocker to enhance acceleration, while larger sizes feature an increased rocker improving the performance for boot riding. The outer rail features a flatter rocker for improved edging, upwind and light-wind performance while the higher rocker centre section improves the loading for wakestyle riding.

What board size should I choose?

Selecting the right size and stance is extremely important to maximize the performance of your board. If you are riding predominantly boots, it is recommended to use one size up from your normal strapped board. Example: If you use a 135 strap, use a 138 for boots. This will give you the best combination of a stable platform for pop and landings as well as upwind abilities.

Choosing the stance is just as important as selecting the proper size of your board. The width of your stance should be slightly wider than your shoulder width apart. For those who want a lower center of gravity for greater stability on harder landings, a wider stance would be ideal.


  • Dual rocker design with intermediate rail rocker and high channel rocker.
  • New Grindrite Sintered grind base.
  • Carbon Torsion Control
  • Metro 30 fins for the best combination of grip and looseness
  • 2 Year breakage warranty (incl Bindings)
  • M6 Metric Screws
  • AFT Strap System Included