• Airush Slayer V3 2016 Surfboard - Lightwind


Airush Slayer V3 2016 Surfboard - Lightwind

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Airush Slayer V3 2016 Surfboard - Lightwind

Airush took a fresh approach to the 2016 Slayer and focused on increased maneuverability, carving and aerial throw around factor. The deep quad concave channels water effectively lifting the Slayer quickly onto the plane and offers incredible agility for the more progressive strapless freestyle rider.

The wingers create a narrower tail allowing for more control at speed and enable the rider to load and pop more aggressively when jumping. The semi-symmetrical outline creates more stability when nose riding or landing fin first. The overall result is a board that takes flat-water or small wave strapless riding to a whole new level.

//Slayer V3 - New for 2016
- New Quad concave bottom with deep Spiral V for stability and drive.
- FCS Inserts with lightweight fins
- Reduced weight through new wood Sandwich construction with increased durability.
- New smaller sizes
- Thinner rails with easier grabbing and carving Reduced width in the tail.
- New Low aspect ratio fins allow for upwind tracking and great pop for freestyle maneuvers but also allow the fins to break loose under pressure and regain traction with ease and stability

//Target User
- Directional Freestyle.
- Light Wind Freeride.
- Strapless Lightwind riding.