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Sku: ARUN38
Vendor: Airush

Airush Union V4 - 2010 Kite

The UNION V4 has been re-designed from the bottom up to improve key areas. The UNION V4 delivers even more lift and hang time when going for Big Air, along with quicker and more responsive steering. The shape has been refined to sit slightly further forward in the window whilst retaining the light and ultra-responsive steering.

The wingtip design prevents back stalling, while the increased linear power delivery has made it even more suitable for freeriding, freestyle, and wave riders alike.

The UNION V4 is the natural step up for the Lithium user looking for increased jumping performance and quicker depower response, or for the freestyle rider wanting unhooked performance with the usability of increased depower and a more forgiving feel.

NEW FOR 2019:

  • Improved turning speed and response.
  • Better jumping and vertical lift.
  • Improved unhooking capabilities.