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Sku: ak-foil-2k
Vendor: AK

The 2000cm foil from AK is one of our favourite big wings out there. It's not only a superb tool to learn how to wing foil but it makes progression easy and it will be one of the setups you'll keep for years to come. It's amazing ability to foil at super low speeds combined with surprising top-speed and manoeuvrability makes it a one-foil-quiver for most riders.

Catching bumps out back is super easy with this one but also the pumping is much smoother and more effortless than we expected. As with all AK foils and boards, the quality is superb - there's not wobbling at speed, the foil feels very smooth in all conditions and the durable finish means it will withstand more than most.

The trim option on the stabiliser allows to compensate of the lift in powered conditions or to simply adjust the foil to your personal riding style. It's also an epic tool for SUP surfing and prone foiling for heavier riders. Having a foil that does everything you need from it without the fear of spinning out is a big win in our books!

Front Wing: 2000cm2   Rear Wing: 300cm2    Mast: 70cm