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Cabrinha Contra 2018

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Cabrinha Contra 2018

Cabrinha Contra 2018

Contra has been one of our favourite light-wind kites for a number of years now. No matter what size you will go for you'll appreciate it's incredible turning speed, stability and boosting capabilities. Cabrinha Contra has changed the way we think about light-wind kites too. A lot of riders have changed their standard 12/9/7 quiver swapping 12m for a 13m or even 15m Contra. The wind range you get from these kites will get you up and going in weaker conditions and the moment when Contra is too much your either 9m or 10m comes into play.

As all other 2018 kites in the Cabrinha lineup, Contra has benefited hugely from the High Tenacity Dacron making the leading edge far more rigid. This is especially important in the low-wind conditions when you really need that perfectly shaped kite when moving it across the wind window to generate more power. Soon after you will appreciate tons of pull generated by the apparent wind. The new construction definitely helps with the smoothness of how the kite flies through the window.

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