• Cabrinha Contra 2017 Lightwind Kite UK Cabrinha Store
  • Cabrinha Contra 2017 Lightwind Kite UK Cabrinha Store


Cabrinha Contra 2017

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Cabrinha Contra 2017

Cabrinha Contra 2017

Cabrinha Contra 2017 is the perfect addition to anyone's quiver for the lighter wind days. And by far our favourite light wind kite. It works superb across all riding styles - from waves to jumps to unhooking. The weather not always plays the ball and Contra helps a lot when that happens.

This year it has been further fine-tuned to increase its already impressive turning speed. This is crucial for large, light wind kites to generate enough power. As soon as you'll get going however, the Contra picks up the apparent wind nicely. It's also super light which helps both with keeping the kite in the air and also ensures super easy water relaunch. Nothing worse than struggling to get your kite up.

The 2017 edition of Contra has been made in a slightly higher aspect. This gives kite more lift and makes it sit further forward in the wind window. This helps a lot with getting some proper air. Jumping on large kites, such as 17m is always a bit tricky. Cabrinha has addressed that both with turning speed and the aspect ratio which makes the light wind days so much more fun!

As with other Cabrinha kites in the 2017 range, the new Contra also has pure panels - i.e. 2 panels per each section on the leading edge. This gives the kite better shape but also ensures its increased longevity. Another important change was making the struts even thiner making the kite even lighter. Every little helps.

A bit of marketing features spiel from Cabrinha:

Cabrinha Contra 2017 Wind Range
  • Perfect lightwind extension to your quiver
  • Pure Profile Panels for a better supported canopy
  • Easy park and ride power
  • Featherweight control
  • Works well with any board in your quiver
  • Easy relaunch