• Cabrinha Double Agent Foil And Mast 2018


Cabrinha Double Agent Foil And Mast 2018


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Cabrinha Double Agent Foil And Mast 2018

Cabrinha's 2018 mast and foil set that suits any Cabrinha Double Agent foil board.

There are three sizes of masts:

  • 40cm - Perfect for riding in shallow water sand learning how to foil. It also immensely helps with learning new tricks if you're not confident enough to try them on longer masts.
  • 60cm - Most progressing riders choose this option - it provides stable platform that most kiters will appreciate and provides true foiling experience in the same time. It also works for those making their first steps into foiling that are willing to skip the smaller mast.
  • 85cm - Provides by far the smoothes ride of them all. No matter how big the chop it won't bother you once your up and running. The length also helps with going upwind so if you're more confident about your kitesurfing foiling skills this is the size to go for.

Let us know if you have any questions, you're looking to purchase more than one mast or if you're not entirely sure which one to go for. Also, we run foil clinics in Scotland if you're making your first steps in the world of foiling!