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Sku: KO8FX14BL-1
Vendor: Cabrinha

Cabrinha FX 2019

Cabrinha FX is definitely one of our store's favourite all-round freestyle kites. It boosts massive jumps, has a decent hang time and kiteloops like a dream! Cabrinha FX 2018 is the perfect kite for those looking for a more exiting ride and willing to progress beyond freeriding. 

For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love jumping big and kiteloops

The world of Freestyle / Crossover kiting has evolved into an exciting genre in our sport. Once a very narrow and technical discipline is now a mix of technical tricks and massive aerial maneuvers, both hooked-in and unhooked. For this you need a kite with the sensitivity and ‘slack’ when unhooked and the ability to boost a massive hooked-in kite loop

There are 3 trim settings for bridles in the 2019 Cabrinha FX:

  • Freestyle - giving you more slack for unhooked tricks
  • Kiteloop - for neater kiteloops with faster recovery so the kite catches you faster after a loop. This is also a default setting for the kite
  • Freeride - a big-air and hang-time setting 

Cabrinha has also used their new High Tenacity Dacron on the leading edge of the 2019 FX. This completely changes kite's behaviour when it's put through its paces. As you might have noticed, when the kite goes through a kite loop the leading edge tends to change its original shape. Cabrinha's HTD keeps the leading edge in shape no matter what you throw at the kite. This has massively improved kite's smoothness in the air which is easily noticeable even if you can't ride it side by side with the previous edition. We absolutely loved it!

For an open-c kite it's also extremely versatile. Of course the FX comes to its own when used with a twin-tip for massive boosts, kiteloops and unhooked moves. But it also works like a charm when combined with a foil board and strapless too. Especially if you're into surf freestyle.

2019 Cabrinha FX Features and Benefits:

  • New Freestyle / Freeride bridle design for 2019
  • Three LE bridle performance options
  • No pulley bridle, for a more direct steering input and feedback
  • Pure Profile Panels
  • High Tenacity dacron for enhanced arc stability
  • Explosive pop and hangtime
  • Incredibly quick and nimble handling
  • Excellent line slack for unhooked riding
  • Forward pull and quick recovery for kiteloops
  • Excellent for vertical boosts and hang time
  • Smooth power delivery and excellent depower
  • More drive than a traditional C-shaped kite
  • Predictable handling
  • Good upwind performance
  • Increased canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas