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Sku: CAB-FX-2020-3
Vendor: Cabrinha

Cabrinha FX 2020

Cabrinha FX has always been a pinnacle of open-C kites designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want to push their freestyle, big air and looping game. It's a predictable machine that feels solid on the bar and in the air. We always loved how the FX can rip you off the water into the stratosphere but in the same time provide loads of slack on the lines for unhooked tricks.

Thanks to adjustable bridles you can fine tune the FX to your riding style or the stuff you want to throw at it on the day - it has a bridle setting for freeride, kiteloops and unhooked freestyle. Being an open-C it also provides a decent amount of depower, despite being very responsive all the same. And despite it's freestyle-ness it's still very accessible for most riders.

This year the brand new Nano Ripstop canopy from Cabrinha made the 2020 FX lighter and more durable than ever before. It also made the kite even more sold in the air thanks to the more firm material it's made of. The leading edge maintains its shape through the loops and when pushed through the middle of the power zone. The canopy's flutter is non-existent through the loops and it always manages to catch you... even when you mess up!

We always keep the key sizes of Cabrinha FX 2020 in stock for demo, so if you want to give it a go - give us a shout. And because we ride and test all the Cabrinha kites we're always happy to answer all the questions you have - from sizes to models. Ride hard!