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Vendor: Cabrinha

This is the ultimate kitesurfing package - whether you're a beginner looking for an easy going kite that you will never outgrow or you're after something so versatile the will work in all conditions. We've put together a setup that works across all riding styles and all riding levels. If you have any questions about kite or board size that will suit you - give us a shout, we'll happily help.

Here's what's included:

Cabrinha Moto 2021 Kitesurfing Kite

By far one of our favourite all-round kites. Moto's superb stability helps to improve your skills without getting thrown around the spot. No matter if this is your first kite or you've been at it for years - Moto is the kite that 99% kiters will appreciate. And it's not one you will outgrow so there's no worries with upgrading your kit when you get better and more confident in your kitesurfing game. At Skymonster we use Moto's for everything from freeriding, unhooked freestyle, big air, surfing and foil boarding - it's truly one kite that suits all riding styles! New for 2021 is the Nano Ripstop canopy material making the kite not only much more durable than other brands but also lighter.


Cabrinha Spectrum 2021 Kiteboard

Spectrum has been our go-to freeride board for a number of years now. The ideal balance of rocker vs flat section with the inclusion of step rail makes going upwind super easy but it also fights off the chop without spraying it in the face. Its medium flex aids progression too - from first upwind rides to carving and jumps with softened landings. It's an amazing combination of performance in affordable board that you won't have to upgrade!


Cabrinha Overdrive 1X Trimlite 2021 Bar

Simple, durable state-of-the art from Cabrinha is also included in the package. What makes the Quickloop Overdrive 1X superior to other systems is its accurate ergonomics and its well thought out form factor. The security system is intuitive, operates without effort and is integrated seamlessly into the design.

Also included in the Package:

  • Cabrinha H1 Foostraps
  • Cabrinha High Volume Pump
  • Cabrinha Short Safety Leash