• Cabrinha Spectrum 2019 Kiteboard
  • Cabrinha Spectrum 2019 Kiteboard


Cabrinha Spectrum 2019 Kiteboard

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Cabrinha Spectrum 2019 Kiteboard

The 2019 Cabrinha Spectrum is an all-terrain, all-round freeride kiteboard with the DNA and performance characteristics of a much more expensive model. The Cabrinha Spectrum has excellent upwind tracking which keeps you tight to the zone. Its softer flex pattern makes this one of the nicest rides in choppy waters. But it’s not just about comfort. The softer flex makes this board adaptable to whatever riding the day delivers.


133 x 40cm
136 x 41cm
140 x 42cm
144 x 43cm
148 x 44cm
152 x 44cm


  • Rocker and flex is designed for the widest range of conditions and riding styles
  • Excellent upwind tracking
  • Soft landings
  • Excels in choppy water
  • Smooth and predictable board control
  • Single concave bottom
  • Large fins for grip


4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10x 6x16mm screws, grab handle