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Sku: core-720-1
Vendor: Core


As we navigate the limitless world of strapless riding, we may ask ourselves, “How far can I take this?” For some, the simple answer might be, “I’ll be lucky to do a nice backside chop hop by the end of the season.” More experienced strapless riders might respond with “A no grab 360.” And then there are those really lucky, super talented pros, who fully expect to be nailing 720s. It’s all good, though, and regardless of our skills, strapless riding keeps us smiling. But just in case you’d like to improve your strapless backrolls, jumps, or aerials, we built a very special board for you. 

Jump on CORE’s newest directional, and light the fuse to adrenaline pumping, head turning, strapless action. The 720 brings a whole new level of style to just about any beach break. The short, compact shape practically glues itself to your feet even on big, explosive aerials. And is tough enough to take the landings. Crank out the same stylish turns in tough, wind driven break like you do on those glassy days. And in time, the 720 just might bring out your inner Tony Hawk.

When it comes to versatility, CORE’s smallest wave board plays in the big leagues. The 720 is the star player that loves surf style. You’d think a tiny board like the 720 would need a lot more wind but its flatter rocker and more parallel shape surprisingly planes faster than our Ripper 3. Think of it as your light wind secret weapon.


Engineered in Fehmarn. Built by expert shapers and glassers. Producing them in small runs ensures dimensional perfection and the classic, glass board performance CORE owners demand.


Closed cell PU or polyurethane foam blanks are the only choices for custom board builders. PU is water resistant and can be precisely shaped with CNC milling machines and sanders. Our blanks have superior flex memory and dimensional accuracy with our multi-step CNC milling and sanding process. And together with its twin wood stringers, the Active Foam Core creates a better foil and rail shape for butter-smooth turns.


Multi-layered, specialized fiberglass, and hi-tech resin form the top coat. Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and Carissa Moore still compete on glass boards. They prefer the softer riding, more flexible, glass boards over stiff and lifeless EPS. Trust glass for precisely tuned rails, original surf feel, and of course, good looks.


Supercharge your surfstyle! The compact 720 features a lower mass and swing weight that yield stylish stick-to-your-feet aerials and rotations. The new 720 brings the goods in big waves, little waves, or no waves at all. You might be surprised how much fun this stick is on the flats.


The 720 features the flattest rocker of CORE’s directionals. You'd think a tiny board like the 5'3" SevenTwenty might be slow off the mark, but it planes faster than our Ripper 3. You can think of it as your light wind rocket. We also added plenty of nose rocker for toeside riding, bad landings, and big, steep waves.


The 720 sports a double concave hull that cuts through chop and holds its grip in just about anything. And we added nose channels for those who ride fakie.


We added wingers to the round tail for improved water release upon take-off. Yup, we added these gems for the flyers :)


A laminated wood stringer is inlaid vertically along the full length of the board to manage flex. The stringer is then laminated to the fiberglass skin resulting in a very durable deck, and unmistakeable pro surf feel.


The 720 is fitted with the classic three fin thruster setup for a looser feel. Thrusters are well known to turn tighter than quads and release easier for cleaner moves off the lip.


Original FCS II fin boxes are installed in the 720. FCS II is the keyless fin system that enables 2-second fin changes without tools. It’s wise to stick with the global standard in fin boxes for the day you lose a fin on your favorite reef. Its backward compatibility (in that it still retains grub screws to secure any old FCS fin you or your friends may have), will have you back on the water in no time. Now that’s progress.