• Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard
  • Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard
  • Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard
  • Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard


Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard


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Core Fusion 5 Kiteboard

When you have a kite as potent and powerful as the XR7, it’s mission-critical to find a twintip that can harness its power and precision. So, we built the Fusion 5 to do just that.

New from the water up, the Fusion 5 features an upgraded hull, wood core, and never-been-done-before rail construction. The new shape and improved torsional stability will have you woohoo-ing like never before. So grab an XR7 and explore your new limits.


They've started by adding an internal thermoset resin rail which massively improves the connection between the top and bottom Cartan carbon for a true unibody build. They've reduced the weight of our Paulownia wood core by switching to lighter laminated Paulownia saving approximately 250g. They've added a grab rail for the freestylers. And we improved the channels and outline for the freeriders. There's even more, so read on!

CARTAN® CARBON - Exclusive to CORE.

Our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber layup optimises torsion and flex. Our made-to-order 30° biaxial carbon fiber has more flex along the length of the board and less flex between the toe and heel. Cartan carbon's unique high filament count also requires less resin which saves weight. Enjoy improved pop, softer landings, and extreme durability with Cartan.


High-end racing ski sidewall technology finds its way to twintips. An industry first and more expensive foil, carbon, and thermoset resin process massively improve the connection between the top and bottom Cartan carbon for a true unibody build. We replaced the previous internal ABS edge strip that joins the top and bottom carbon sheets with a new 80 layer, laminated, resin-activated strip that is much harder, stiffer, and better bonding. The new edge improves torsional rigidity, stores, and releases more energy than before.


A massive double concave centre channel and a smaller outer channel follow the length of the board provide extra depth for the V-Keel and incredible grip. In addition to the centre channel, we added Quattro tip channels. Freestylers can load their edges more than ever. And freeriders will enjoy how well the Fusion 5 tracks upwind.


Powerfully light, marine-grade, laminated wood core. All wood has natural variation in density and volumetric weight. We now select the lowest weight laminations before gluing them together. In doing so, the specially selected, long-grained Paulownia wood is 250g lighter and just as strong as the last generation. It gives our boards dimensional stability, decay resistance, and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. The Paulownia extends towards the board edges and is CNC milled both top and bottom.