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Vendor: Duotone

Duotone Jaime is one of the most iconic freeride kiteboards ever. It's the twintip that has set the industry standards for years and it's the board of choice for both casual freeriders and expert freestylers around the world.


It's hard to believe but we rode the first Jaime over 15 years ago and this board has always been one of our highest rated boards. It's super easy to ride for anyone - from beginners to advanced riders alike. The medium flex keeps your knees happy and tuned rocker deals with choppy waters. The new Double Diffusor Bottom shape adds extra pop on take offs and allows for butter smooth landings when coming in hot. The Absorption Flex Tips help to smooth these out too, especially when coming off a trick tail first.

The rail has been designed in a way that allows you to climb back upwind with ease. The amount of grip that Duotone Jaime provides is second to none. This translates not only into easy upwind drive but also into an explosive pop making massive jumps a breeze. Whether you're just learning how to jump or you're already sending it, the Jaime will make your life much easier - both on the way up and on landings. It's softer than it's SLS brother so if your local spot is pretty choppy, this version might be a better choice.

We ride what we sell so if you have any questions - feel free to get in touch!