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Vendor: Ensis

Ensis Score is a rock solid wing surfing wing providing heaps of power, stability and upwind performance in all conditions. The addition of windows in the Ensis Score wing helps with visibility, especially at crowded spots.

Ensis has used an special tempered film for the windows, so, unlike some other brands, they have lots of elasticity ensuring durability but also matching the one of the canopy. The canopy is made with the market-leading Tejin 3×3. triple Japanese ripstop to ensure the best possible durability, stiffness and light weight. Score has been designed to stay stable in stormy winds thanks to the tensioned canopy but also to provide more power in the low-end due to the stiffened leading edge. This allows for more powerful and pumping without the wing caving in. The leading edge has also been reinforced agains abrasion with heavy duty Dacron material.


Slightly redesigned handles now leave a bit more space from the strut so it's easier to get your hands into them when taking the wing out for the first tack of the day. These are made using plastic stiffener and EVA with triple reinforcements connecting them to the strut so you feel a direct control when flying the Ensis Score. The trailing edge is reinforced using dyneema rope - this helps with limit wear from canopy flutter.

We do, of course, have the Ensis Score on demo - so give us a shout if you're local to us and want to give it a blast!

Ensis Score Wind Range (Based on 80kg rider and a 1700cm2 foil):

  • 2.8 m2 - 20+ kn
  • 3.5 m2 - 14-40 kn
  • 4.0 m2 - 12-35 kn
  • 4.5 m2 - 10-30 kn
  • 5.2 m2 - 8-25 kn
  • 6.2 m2 - 7-18 kn

Ensis Score Wing key features:

  • Durable and Pack approved windows
  • Robust and light canopy
  • Stiff and soft handles
  • Resistant front tube
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Fast one pump system
  • High quality seams