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Sku: fone-16-anak-95
Vendor: F-One


The F-ONE ANAKAO range opens up the world of surfing on a SUP and will help you getting better at it. With a fast paddling speed, some first class grip, an intuitive carving and a perfect balance during the turns, the ANAKAO boards feel at home in any kind of waves.



Developed with the knowledge of our experienced surfer Remi QUIQUE and our Tahitian waterman Patrice CHANZY.

In terms of shape, the key ingredients that made the success of these boards are: A rounded rocker line for maneuverability with enough acceleration potential, and a thin tail outline to provide maximum grip and drive. With their moderate width towards the nose, the ANAKAO feel light in the turns and can pass the white water with ease. The whole range is equipped with beveled rails to keep them as efficient and easy as possible.

Genuine wave boards with a remarkably wide range of use, the ANAKAO are the ideal weapon to have fun in any kind of conditions and wave height. Whether your style is into radical surf or long curves, you will find an ANAKAO suited to your own size and skills.