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Vendor: F-One

F-One Bandit 2020

The famous F-One Bandit is reborn! The new Bandit 2020 has been redesigned from ground up to provide insane experience for both freeride kitesurfers and those wanting go HUGE! We mean megaloop huge! F-One didn't stop there though - they've designed a kite that works for all intermediate riders - it's as aggressive as you want to make it.

This year F-One has split Bandit 2020 into two kites - one for freeride and freestyle and one for foiling and surfing. As always, F-One has fine tuned their sizes - I mean, no one wants to mega loop a 17m... well, almost no one. So the 7, 8, 9 and 10 meter kites are designed to allow overpowered riding, kite loops and some proper big air stuff. They also provide less lateral pull when fully lit so you don't have to fight against the elements so much and you can focus more on going big.

Sizes 11m upwards provide greater wind range, stability (especially for unhooked tricks!) and low-end power. All of the new 2020 Bandits don't change their shape or flying characteristics when de-powered and are not so affected by gusty conditions. This translates into smoother power delivery and constant power distribution.

F-One Bandit 2020 has also improved turning speed and power delivery through the turns. This has affected the bar pressure that's a bit greater on the new kites, and heavier than on the Bandit S. But because the kite is so smooth through the turns and loops, you always feel fully in control. The important bit for loops is that the new Bandit comes back to zenith super fast. Preventing spectacular face plants. The ones when you can hear your face slapping the water.

If you have any questions about the 2020 F-One range give us a shout - we're always happy to help. You can learn more about the F-One Bandit 2020 here.

F-One Bandit 2020 Wind Range:

SIZE (m2) 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 17
WIND RANGE (knts) 25+ 20>35 15>30 12>26 11>24 10>22 8>18 8>16