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Sku: 13200-1306
Vendor: Fanatic

The Fanatic Carbon Bamboo 50 paddle is an ideal middle ground between entry-level SUP paddles and high performance blades. It combines the best mix of balance of power per stroke with comfortable amount of flex. It's a great all-round paddle that excels in both flat water paddling and in waves.

The ant-twist system means the handle is always aligned with the blade so you don't have to constantly adjust the paddle when out on the water. Fanatic's anti-twist system is also one of the best ones on the market at keeping the water from getting inside the shaft.

Another great feature we love is the Union Joint system resulting in a constant flex as opposed to paddle flexing too much where the blade meets the shaft resulting in uneven paddle strokes and loss of power when it's needed the most.


  • Blade width: 7.25" 18.4 CM
  • Blade area:  90 SQ.IN. / 580CM²
  • Blade Material: Bamboo / Glass
  • Shaft Material: Carbon / Bamboo
  • Length (adjustable): 165 - 220 CM