• Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days Voucher


Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days Voucher


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Kitesurfing Lessons - 2 Days Voucher

Lessons are run on the east coast - in Edinburgh, St Andrews, Dundee and Aberdeen and on the west coast for those from Glasgow on the Troon beaches.

First Day:

    • Theory and Safety training - not the most exciting bit but we want to make sure you'll know how to stay safe, how to read wind and to get some theory behind flying the kite.

    • Setting up & packing up the kite properly - making sure you're kite is safe to fly, there are no tangles on the lines and that you know how to set up different types of kites. You will also learn how to properly prepare your kite for launching. It also comes in handy when you want to avoid tons of tangles on your lines after a session!

    • Flying the trainer kite - you will learn basics of controlling a small foil kite before the water one. It will give you an idea of how powerful a moving kite can be and how easy it is to control it in the air.

    • Flying the kitesurfing kite - Time for the real thing! We'll get you hooked up to a proper kitesurfing kite and teach you how to fly it safely. If the time permits we will also endure to teach you body dragging - an essential skill for any kiteboarder that you will be using more than you'd like to getting you back to your board.

    • You will also learn how to launch and land kites safely and how to use the safety system when things get hairy. This will boost your confidence for the next day if you'll wish to carry on with your learning.

Second Day

The second day will add the ability of riding on the board! Yeah, the most exciting bit after learning how to control the kite along with refresh of the body dragging techniques.

If everything goes well we will also teach you how to work on staying up wind - a crucial skill allowing you to go wherever you want to and not where the kite will drag you.