• Airush DNA Kite, Airush VOX Kiteboard
  • Airush DNA Kite, Airush VOX Kiteboard
  • Airush DNA Kite, Airush VOX Kiteboard


Airush DNA and VOX - Complete Beginner Kitesurfing Package


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Airush DNA and VOX - Complete Beginner Kitesurfing Package

Beginner's Kitesurfing Package - Airush

If you're looking for an affordable kitesurfing package that will get you on the water with ease just after your kitesurfing lessons we've got something for you! 

The Airush DNA Kite + Pump
Is a very similar kite to our Lithium kite - voted one of the worlds best freeride kites. It's high performance but very easy to use. A little more power in the DNA and a little more stability with a few less bells and whistles to keep the costs down, it's a kite that many experts buy when they are on a budget! For the beginner it's excellent, and is one of the most popular teaching kites in the world, not because of it's price but because of it's suitability, build, performance and ease of resale..

The Airush Vox Kiteboard
Comes out of a new higher quality factory in 2017 and has the longer, thinner planshape that makes life easy for the first time kiteboarder. All the finishing touches and fittings of the mainstream boards, with bespoke footpads that will take larger boots, offering the best plug and play ability of the range. Nothing else in the Airush twin tip lineup will get you up and riding so quickly.

The Progression Bar + Leash
The control bar for the kite. This bar has been finely honed over 6 years now and has a reliable and versatile reputation. Suitable on all kites from 6-14m2 with an adjustment mechanism for the rear line position it has a tried and tested safety system call the "brain" that has proven highly effective in schools and throughout the entire Airush range year after year. It's all compartmentalised should anything need replacing and offers the best geometry for all kites in the Airush range (and most mainstream hybrid 4 line kites).

Airush Team Waist Harness
The Airush Waist Harness was developed as a compact design for high freedom of movement, combined with a high level of support derived from the molded 3D inner and outer skin. Due to the improved load distribution, less thickness is required, which reduces the overall bulk of the harness.

The new Dual Belt can be used as a single stage or double stage belt, depending on the amount of support required by the rider. The primary stage of the belt is integrated into the inside skin of the harness for a quick internal membrane that tightens the inside layer.

The new spreader bar features an innovative and functional T-­Lock system that is easy to clip closed, with an additional safety lock to prevent the bar from accidentally releasing.

Airush Changing Poncho
The discreet and warm way to get in and out of your wetsuit at the beach. One size fits all with a warm toweling fabric, it is a must for beach life!