• Liquid Force Rocket Fish Foil - 2017

Liquid Force

Liquid Force Rocket Fish Foil - 2017


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Liquid Force's Description of the Happy Foil: Happiness! That is what the Liquid Force Happy Foil will bring to your kiteboarding life! Our commitment to the hydro foiling relationship has brought us to expanding the performance category of our hydrofoil line. The Happy Foil offers next level performance in a free riding design. Light weight durable multipurpose molded board with an adjustable track mast mounting system, longer cord length, thinner profile mast, multi position fuselage and medium profile aspect wings will have you running with the fastest hydro crew at the beach while keeping foiling fun! • Medium Aspect Wings - Medium aspect wings built for speed on the water. • All Aluminum Mast - Strong, durable, and machined to perfection. • Long Fuselage - Longer Fuselage for more stability.

Liquid Force's Description of the Rocket 5'0": Evolution, progression and succession highlight the performance of the extremely affordable, easy to use Rocket Foil. This hydrofoil setup is an ideal addition to any kiteboarders arsenal of equipment. Highlighted by a multipurpose adjustable mast mounting system board, thin profile mast, adjustable fuselage and low aspect bomb proof polymer low aspect wings make this the best free riding set ups on available.