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Sku: K91633
Vendor: Moses Hydrofoil

SABFoil 91 is by far one of the best hydrofoils on the market aimed at not only learner riders who want the best of the best but also at kitesurfers enjoying wave riding and those wanting to progress at ease.

91cm Carbon Mast combined with MW633 wing provides large, stable platform allowing for hydrofoiling at ridiculously low speeds of just 5 knots and still going stable at 25kt. It provides plenty of stability at its top-end yet carves like a champ, even if you really want to crank it in small radius turns. 

SABFoil / Moses Onda 91 W633 Key Features:

  • 4 screw Carbon plate - 165x90 mm for double rail connection
  • High modulus full carbon mast - optimised 3 stage profile
  • Specific aluminium alloy and shape to increase strength and stiffness
  • The 663 full carbon front wing, plenty of lift for your manoeuvres.
  • The 483 stabiliser is optimised to match the 633 performance, just like the front wing it adopts the inverted gull wing design


Base Plate Joint 90x165mm
Mast Height 910mm
Front Wing 633
Front Wing Span 633mm
Front Wing Root Chord 256mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 3,3
Front Wing Surface 1239cm2
Stabilizer 483
Stabilizer Span 483mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 85mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7,6
Stabilizer Surface 316cm2