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Sku: MT022
Vendor: Moses Hydrofoil


Moses T22 Carbon Reinforced Hydrofoil Board


The new Moses T22 is a super short foil board at just 109cm x 43.5cm. Thanks to its compact design and light weight at only 1.9kg with Carbon reinforced for a durable construction, it's a perfect travel companion. It provides lots of control in all conditions and riding styles - from wave riding and pumping sessions to cruising, free riding and airtime.

It's designed with intermediate to expert riders - ideally when you get the T22 you already know how to do water starts on both tacks, know your gybes and tacks as there's a very little surface on touchdowns. 

Moses T22 Key Features:


  • Super light only 1.9 kilo
  • Flat deck 
  • Extremely compact for travel and transport
  •  low profile, durable construction, carbon reinforced
  • Full-length deck pad for grip & cushion
  • Supplied with 2 x front straps