• Moses T60 Foilboard - Sport Edition - MT060S

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Moses T60 Foilboard - Carbon Sport - MT060S


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Moses T60 Foilboard - Carbon Sport - MT060S


Shaped specifically to improve the easy of use and versatility. This freerace board does everything. The straps and plate position perfectly match the Comet and the Vorace R.

A medium narrow design provides plenty of early and forgiving planing to help you with the launching. The scoop line reduces pearling during the touch downs.

The flat tail section and the rocker provides the quick and easy take off. Its beveled edges keep the speed when edging. The 5 footstrap inserts makes finding the perfect stance for every rider an easy job. The glass construction makes this board extremely durable while keeps the weight at 3.2 kilos. Dimensions are 1440x470x60mm.

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Moses T60 Foilboard comes with:

  • 1x Moses MT060 Board - T60 CARBON
  • 3x Moses Footstraps
  • 6x Self tapping screws M5x25mm
  • 6x Washers Ø5,4xØ20x1
  • 4x Button Head Screw M6x80mm
  • 4x Washer Ø6,4xØ18x1,6