• Mystic Deluxe Explorer Poncho Dry Robe


Mystic Deluxe Explorer Poncho Dry Robe


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Mystic Deluxe Explorer Poncho Dry Robe

Weather you're just waiting to see if the first person out there will be powered on his kite or if that swell is actually rideable, you're about to change into or out of your wetsuit or simply you need a warm place to hang around in the colder months - the new Mystic Deluxe Explore Poncho is here for you. Made with fully wind and waterproof outer layer and cosily warm teddy lining inside it will turn some of the cold sessions into epic adventures. Definitely one of our favourite cold-days tools of trade in Scotland!

Key Features:
- High-neck button closure
- Windproof
- Isolated side pockets
- Waterproof inside pocket
- Carseat protection fabric
- Side split
- Large hood
- Wide arm opening

Fabrics used:
- Polyester (100%)
- Teddy lining inside