• Mystic Warrior Len10 Harness - 2018
  • Mystic Warrior Len10 Harness - 2018


Mystic Warrior Len10 Harness - 2018


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Mystic Warrior Len10 Limited Edition Harness - 2018

Mystic Warrior is one of the most recognisable harnesses on the kitesurfing scene. It's been in Mystic's line for donkey's years and became a favourite of a lot of kiteboarders out there. It's ideal for those loving the freedom of movement, comfort and just enough back support to throw those megaloops. Thanks to anatomical backplate the new Warrior doesn't move or ride up keeping the power of the kite at bay. Grab yourself the limited edition of Ruben's own Len10 Warrior Harness!

Mystic Warrior V Features:

  • Anatomical backplate
  • 3D-molded foam interior and exterior
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Double power leash rings
  • HP system included
  • Covered side parts
  • Multi hook
  • SURF Clickerbar 4.0
  • Low torque fixation
  • Spreaderbar protector
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Safety knife included

Mystic Warrior Size Guide:

Mystic Warrior V Harness - 2018 - Teal