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Sku: nsh-cb-pl-vr-1
Vendor: Naish

Naish Carbon Plus SUP paddle is an excellent choice for all riding styles and conditions. It's very light weight with a medium flex providing plenty of power whilst making it easy on the shoulders. It's one of our favourite all-round paddles for touring, SUP surfing and SUP racing. The new anti-slip shaft prevents hand from slipping away on power strokes - both when catching a wave or when swapping hands while exploring or smashing SUP races. All shaft sizes 85 and larger feature a thicker SDS shaft for enhanced strength and stiffness.


  • Anti-slip Shaft & Handle Coating = Ultimate grip at all times, no need for wax or other grip enhancements
  • RDS Shaft for 75 & 80 Blade = Accommodate smaller paddlers + more flex + forgiving shaft
  • Anti-twist Vario System = Easy adjustment on the go + allows for adaptation to different rider sizes & different riding scenarios
  • UD Carbon Pre-preg Shaft & Blade Construction = Best weight, stiffness & price combination
  • ABS Rail = Blade protection


Shaft Weight Surface Area
RDS 537 g 75 in²/484 cm²
RDS 543 g 80 in²/516 cm²
SDS 548 g 85 in²/548 cm²
SDS 599 g 90 in²/581 cm²
SDS 675 g 95 in²/613 cm²