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Sku: naish-global-cb-1
Vendor: Naish

Naish Global has set the standards of performance kitesurfing surfboards for a while now. For the 2021 they have released their legendary board in a new Carbon construction adding more stiffness and responsiveness without sacrificing the drive and grip we all love in this line of boards.

It's made to be ridden fast and with more power in the kite rather than just using the power of the wave. It surfs really well but it's not a board for sloppy chop. If you like riding powered up and at speed, the Global delivers the goods. It's one of those boards that you feel safe on when chasing big swells knowing that if you'll have to put your foot down to run away from something crashing on top of you, the board will keep up and won't slide out.

Having said that, you don't need massive waves to enjoy the Naish Global Carbon. This shape performs well in all conditions if you're one of the riders who doesn't just mow the lawn. Carving on the Global gives us the goosebumps as the speed and the grip you get is unparalleled. If you don't mess around and you want a board that will keep up with your riding - this is it. And comes with 2 straps for the days when going strapless is too scary.

We ride the boards we sell - so if you have any questions give us a shout, we'll get you on the right model that will suit your local conditions and riding style.

The S25 Naish Global Carbon comes complete with:

  • 3 x Naish Fins
  • 2 x Deckpads (front and back and we'd suggest some wax in between just in case)
  • 2 x straps

Construction details:

  • CNC Cut 15 kg Density EPS Core
  • Full PVC Sandwich Wrap
  • S-glass Matrix Construction
  • Biax Carbon Stance Area
  • Full Carbon Vector Net Deck
  • Biax Carbon Stringer Bottom


5’7 5’7”/170.2 cm 18 1/4”/46.4 cm 2 1/4”/5.7 cm 24.6 L
5'9 5’9”/175.3 cm 18 1/4”/46.4 cm 2 5/16”/5.9 cm 26.1 L