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Sku: nsh-cstum
Vendor: Naish



The Naish Mana Custom 8'10" has been created for those SUP surfers who want a short board without sacrificing the stability. It's one of those SUP's that performs superbly well in mushy conditions but can still hold its own in bigger sets. Naish says it's been designed for real-world waves and we're fully on board with that.

The truth is that most of us ride in less than perfect waves. We rarely get those gorgeous glossy days where MadDog Custom works a charm. For a lot of SUP surfers the reality are 3-4ft choppy waves. That's where the Mana Custom comes into play. It has really blown our minds how easy this board was to use and how less relatively effortless take-offs were. It's not catching waves as early as the Naish Mana line does but it's pretty good at picking them up well before prone surfers can even attempt paddling in.

The Mana Custom comes with a 5-fin setup and comes as a Quad as standard. This makes the board very responsive on the wave and can be made fairly loose if needed. It's not the fastest board down the line but that's compensated by insane stability and control you get in return.

The board is made in Naish's premium GTW construction. It's their best combination for lightness, stiffness and durability. It has an exaggerated nose and a solid tail rocker combined with a smooth middle section for gliding performance.



Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Mana 8'10" x 31 Custom 8'10"/269.2 cm 31"/78.7 cm 4 1/2"/11.4 cm 147 L