• Naish Torque ATB Control System 2018
  • Naish Torque ATB Control System 2018


Naish Torque ATB Control System 2018


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Naish Torque ATB Control System 2018

The 2017 Naish Torque ATB is a 4-line control system with an above-the-bar Clamcleat trim that is easily adjustable in height. Ideal for a wide variety of freeride, freestyle and wave riding, this bar is equipped with the most advanced trim loop mechanism to date.

Engineered for consistent, hassle-free operation, the quick release features a linear release force, for easy release and reload, regardless of the tension on the line.

  • Above-the-Bar Clamcleat with Height-adjustable Tuning = employs natural leverage for quick & easy adjustments 
  • Torque Loop = efficient & effortless ball bearing swivel + easiest reloading quick release on the market 
  • Bar End Technology - Adjustable Bar Width: 18"–20" (45–51 cm) 
  • Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core = comfortable and controlled non-slip grip 
  • Replaceable Bar Centre = increased lifetime of the bar
  • Stainless Steel Low-V Line Organiser = easy release & reload 
  • Cored, Stiff Trim Line = Tangle-free design 
  • Heavy-duty Kite Leash with Quick Release 

Smart Loop Technology

  • Rotating Pulley = 1-tool serviceable trim line replacement + allows for easy adjustment of trim cleat height 
  • Below-the-Bar Ball Bearing Swivel = Effortless system for untangling front lines 
  • Durable & Safe Construction = Fiberglass-reinforced polymer with stainless steel core 
  • Patented Push-away Quick Release = Easiest system available + consistent release force regardless of load 
  • Hytrel Molded Trim Loop = Stable shape + improved durability in key areas for easy hooking in & out 
  • Hytrel Molded Indexing Chicken Finger = Precise positioning + prevents unintentional unhooking 
  • Through-the-Swivel Flagging Line = Keeps kite connected to rider when activating quick release + suicide mode option 

Fusion Bar Technology

  • Anodized Aircraft-grade Aluminum Bar Centre = Structural strength + impact resistance from the Torque Loop + smooth line entry to reduce wear & tear
  • Titanium Screws = Quick disassembly & replacement with universal key
  • Replaceable Nylatron® Insert = Dramatically reduces friction & wear on the trim line
  • Color-coded, Double Density EVA Grip with Memory Core = Comfortable, ergonomic grip

Fusion Bar End Technology

  • Bar/Line Adjuster =Allows rider to fine-tune bar width & line lengths
  • Retractable Line-retaining Bungee = Streamlined design holds flying lines in place while engaged & conveniently retracts when lines are in use
  • EVA + HYTREL COMPOSITE Molded Floaters = Designed with flex in key areas for reduced interaction with steering lines

Leash Technology

  • Quick Release 
  • Designed for easy operation and reload
  • Surface Treated, Stainless Steel Parts 
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heavy Duty Stretchable Webbing