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Sku: nsh-triad-hero-package-21
Vendor: Naish


Naish Triad and Hero 2020 - S25 - Kitesurfing Package


Naish is one of the world's best known brands producing some of the bets kites we've ever flown. Their kites feature one of the strongest materials available - QuadTex Ripstop that will your kite in top notch condition season after season. The package below will work for riders just getting into kiteboarding and for those looking for an easy-going package they won't outgrow too quickly. If you have any questions about getting the right kite and board size for yourself, give us a call or drop us an email and we'll happily guide you through the process of choosing the right gear. Here's what's included:


Easy to control, the Triad is great for kiters looking for a smooth-flying, easy-to-handle kite or anyone that wants to improve their skills.

Triad has a plethora of characteristics that make it ideal for your average kiter. Forgiving control, easy handling, great sheet-in-and-go with smooth power delivery, stable and neutral when not engaged, effortless water relaunch and amazing wing stability (when resting on the water) are a handful of these characteristics.


The Hero is designed to take riders from their first reaches and beyond in this user-friendly freeride board. Not easily outgrown—nor is it only for beginners—the high flex Hero provides a forgiving ride and on-demand control that even the most experienced kiters love.

The slightly wider outline gives plenty of planing surface while maintaining easy edging control thanks to its parallel rails and progressive curve. The flat rocker eats through chop and makes edging upwind simple and easy. Strategically placed impact reinforcement zones help diffuse impact throughout the board, providing maximum durability as skills grow with time. Whether just learning, growing, or cruising, the Hero is the easy, all-around board designed to keep the experience fun.


Effective and straightforward, the Base Control System features a stainless steel line organizer with a simplified V-design for easy release and reload. It also features a reduced-diameter bar with a high texture embossed grip. The Bar Adjuster allows riders to modify lines from 18" to 20" (45–51 cm) to seamlessly fine-tune steering.

The 2019/2020 Naish Kitesurfing Package includes:

  • 2020 Naish Triad Kitesurfing Kite (contact us if you're unsure about the size)
  • 2020 Naish Hero Kiteboard with super comfortable Apex Bindings
  • 2020 Base Control System - with kite safety leash
  • 2020 Naish Kite High Volume Pump