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Sku: naish-hover-inflatable-135
Vendor: Naish

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The S25 Naish inflatable Wing SUP is ideal for those riders who want the full experience of both wing foiling and SUP foiling but have limited storage space. This board packs into a backpack (included) after the session and can be easily stored in the trunk of family sedan. It's designed to withstand high pressure required to remain stiff when out of the water raised by the foil. It's one of the boards that's really hard to believe it's an inflatable when you're up and riding.

The single centre stringer running from the nose to the tail of the board adds even more stiffness and stability to the whole setup. What sets the inflatable Naish Hover form other boards on the market is the carbon foil mount spreading the load from the hydrofoil evenly making the board feel like a composite. It also makes it super light for traveling. We were certainly blown away how good the Hover turned out to be.

For most riders under about 100kg we've found the 135 litre model was the one to go for. It offers heaps of stability and buoyancy even in the choppiest of conditions. Heavier riders might want to opt in for the 170 litre model.

Board comes complete with backpack and Naish Dual Flow SUP Pump.


Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Hover Inflatable 135 5'7" / 170.2 cm 30" / 76.2 cm 6" / 15.2 cm 135 L
Hover Inflatable 170 6'7" / 200.7 cm 33" / 83.8 cm 6" / 15.2 cm 170 L