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Sku: 18NPCMBT54
Vendor: Neilpryde

This is Neilpryde's suit dedicated for wind sports. Comprised of their proprietary Armor Skin Neoprene that does not absorb water on the outside making it a semi-dry for a durable windchill protection. It has high-stretch arms and shoulders where you need the most flexibility with fully taped seams on the outside making it water tight. The thermal insulation also covers the chest, back and legs and features muscle lock compression on the calves and expansion forearms for anti-cramping.

Protection, warmth and durability, designed to Combat all conditions.

I am not used to cold waters, so when we went with the rest of NeilPryde Team to South Africa the Combat made a big difference. Also the Mesh is right where I needed, and the Wetsuit was totally cut free as shins and claves stood the fin hits perfectly

                  Antoine Martin-  NP NeilPryde Windsurfing International Team Rider


Armorskin, second generation, is our exclusive hybrid neoprene, that combines the warmth and wind protection of a mesh-wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit.

Armor-Skin was inspired by triathlon wetsuits which have to stay flexible while repelling water to minimize drag. Armor-Skin is made from Apex-Lite core, laminated with an elastic jersey and sealed with a waterproof, Super Durable Skin (SDS) layer that cuts down wind-chill and protects the suit from wear and tear.


Tech Zag is Neilpryde’s answer to fight the cold. Stay out longer with the ultimate defense against the cold, and enjoy this next-to-skin softness, premium warm hand feel and thermal insulation exactly where you need it most. Includes Silvadur Antimicrobial protection.


Our Neilpryde MLS technology was specially made for watersports that put your muscles under heavy pressure. The muscle lock compression technology is a patch of compression mesh to further support the blood flow in Quadriceps and calf muscles, ensuring the muscle areas are firmly braced and to enable active recovery for improved endurance. Ride longer with MLS compression technology. This feature offers 2 times more support than average neoprene material.


Exclusive to NeilPryde, the EFX system allows the forearm section of the wetsuit to expand as blood flow increases to the forearms. Tight wetsuits that do not allow for increased blood flow in the limb extremities can cause cramping in the hands and forearms as lactic acid builds up. Increase your time in the water and endurance with the all new EFX system for the ultimate experience on the water.


Size Indication   Height   Chest   Waist
EU US   Ft/In Cm   In Cm   In Cm
46 XS   5'6"-5'8" 167-173   35-38 89-96   28-30 71-78
48 S   5'7"-5'9" 171-177   37-40 94-101   30-32 76-83
94 ST   5'9"-5'11" 175-181   37-40 94-101   30-32 76-83
50 M   5'9"-5'11" 175-181   39-42 99-106   32-34 81-88
98 MT   5'11"-6'1" 179-186   39-42 99-106   32-34 81-88
26 LS   5'9"-5'11" 175-181   41-44 103-110   34-36 86-93
52 L   5'11"-6'1" 179-186   41-44 103-110   34-36 86-93
102 LT   6'0"-6'2" 183-189   41-44 103-110   34-36 86-93
27 XLS   5'11"-6'1" 179-186   43-46 108-115   36-38 91-98
54 XL   6'0"-6'2" 183-189   43-46 108-115   36-38 91-98
106 XLT   6'2"-6'4" 187-193   43-46 108-115   36-38 91-98
56 XXL   6'1"-6'3" 185-191   45-48 113-120   38-40 96-103
58 XXXL   6'2"-6'4" 187-193   47-50 120-125   40-42 101-108