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Vendor: North

The new North Nova wing had some serious performance and functionality updates. The updated ultra-strong Dacron frame of the wing now feels very stiff which is handy when pumping yourself onto a foil but also when riding overpowered. It increased the wind range massively making it a much more versatile wing than its first iteration. They've also made the wing more durable adding Kevlar strut connections and DuraLite cuff protection strips - which is a massive plus in our books. 


The wing is now more compact which helps shorter riders but also makes the wing much easier to manoeuvre and more handy when riding waves so that the wingtips don't touch the water. The flagging out is phenomenal with nicely accentuated front handle. Even when riding in gloves it's easy to slide your hand into it without having to fiddle around.

Speaking of handles - the new rigid GripLock handles are a godsend, especially when gybing or tacking you don't really have to look where your hands land. No more aiming for small handles and, if you grab onto the wing in the wrong place, you can just slide your hand to the right position. Handles aren't new to wing foiling world but North did really well here making them ergonomic to aid arm pump and hands fatigue issues. We're pretty stoked about this new addition.

The windows are ideally placed to be actually useful when riding in more crowded spots and sized correctly too without being so large that would make folding the wing a chore after the session. The bag isn't massive but just big enough so you don't have to be an origami expert to get your wing inside. The wing comes as standard with repair kit and a wrist leash.

Key Features:

  • New compact outline for balanced handling and reduced tip-strike
  • Strong upwind ability
  • New rigid GripLock micro-trimming control handles for more immediate and direct adjustment
  • Expanded wind range for low-end performance and high-end stability
  • Extremely efficient power delivery and smooth
  • steady ride
  • 6/7m lower aspect ratio and wingtip curvature improves tip-strike recovery
  • New 1.9m for lighter riders and skateboard sessions
  • GeoStrut exoskeleton for a stiffer frame with comfortable ergonomic geometry
  • New stiffer XL T-Joint - no wasted energy
  • Dual HyperFlow rapid inflation and 4-point bladder lock
  • Durable high performance Dacron frame and N-HTRS canopy for clean load distribution
  • LiteVision XS window panels for a safer riding experience
  • Kevlar strut connection with a tight and accurate fit
  • DuraLite STPU scuff protection on wing tips and seams