• NP 3D Kitesurfing Harness 2017 UK NP Kitesurf Store NP Harnesses 2017 Scotland
  • NP 3D Kitesurfing Harness 2017 UK NP Kitesurf Store NP Harnesses 2017 Scotland

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NP 3D Kitesurfing Harness 2017


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NP 3D Kitesurfing Harness 2017

Step into another dimension. The 2017 NP 3D Kitesurfing Harness offers maximum support due to its unique pre-bent shape that comfortably wraps around your body. The Back Base system provides support where it’s needed most, while the cushioned interior matches the concave shape of your lower back perfectly.

Please note: spreader bar is sold separately. Please click here for more details.

2017 NP 3D Harness Key Features:

  • Back-Base Support System - an ergonomically designed PE board insert and built-in lumbar support offer optimal comfort, stability and protection - i.e. no more back pain!
  • Soft Neoprene Edges - offering superior comfort in all conditions and riding styles, especially when throwing freestyle moves.
  • Contoured EVA Inner - used for impact and vibration resistance with super low water absorption. This padding essentially keeps the harness in place and prevents it from riding up or twisting.
  • Tie Down Straps - an additional strap attached to the spreader bar further preventing the harness from riding up.
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    2017 NP 3D Harness Additional Features:
    • 360° Power Strap - Waist strap made from highly elasticised fabric that adapts to body shape providing additional core support.
    • Anti-chafe Seams - Hidden stitches on the inner back and hip area to avoid chaffing.
    • Alternative Dual Safety Line Attachment Rings - Located on both sides of the harness providing an altenative point of connection to the leash.
    • Safety Leash Attachment - Heavy-duty woven material frontal leash connection for easy access and release.
    • Detachable Handle Pass Line - Easy to remove or replace.
    • Replaceable Straps - All straps can be replaced in case they wear out.

    2017 NP 3D Harness Size Guide

      Size Waist Spreader bar size
    US In Cm Std EZ

    Size Guide

    NP 3D

    2017 Harness

    XS 28-30 71-78 25cm 25cm
    S 30-32 76-83 25cm 25cm
    M 32-34 81-88 25cm 25cm
    L 34-36 86-93 30cm 25cm
    XL 36-38 91-98 30cm 30cm