• NP Neilpryde Edge Wind Top Armour Skin
  • NP Neilpryde Edge Wind Top Armour Skin
  • NP Neilpryde Edge Wind Top Armour Skin

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NP Neilpryde Edge Wind Top Armour Skin


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The Neilpryde's Edge Wind Top is the stuff you need to keep the nasty windchill from your back when kitesurfing and windsurfing. Most wetsuits have a limited area covered by windproof materials and when your wetsuit soaks up the water and gets chilled by the wind is when you get cold.

This top protects you from the chill but it's also extremely flexible and durable. We've tested ours under different harnesses in temperatures way below zero Celsius and they've kept us nice and warm while surviving long and rough sessions. If you've already got a fairly warm wetsuit and it's the wind that gets to you, this should alleviate the issue. There's no bagginess you get from a storm jacket either messing with your freedom of movement and filling up in water.

It's made out of Neilpryde's premium Armour Skin material making it ideal as a top for colder winds in warm locations too! We've had one out in Tarifa, Spain in October and combined with boardshorts we've been quite toasty!

NP Neilpryde Edge Wind Top Size Chart

Size Chest size
XS 35"-38"
S 37"-40"
M 39"-42"
L 41"-44"
XL 43"-46"
XXL 45"-48"



  • Comfort and flexibility of a rashguard 
  • Ultra lightweight and water-repellantS
  • Boardshorts attachment loop
  • Flatlock seams