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NP Surf Kitesurfing Golf Bag


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NP Surf Kitesurfing Golf Bag
Airline-friendly kiteboard bag that resembles the shape of a golf travel bag. With most airlines charging way less to check-in a Golf Bag instead of "Large Sports Item" a lot of kitesurfers choose these to avoid paying extortionate fees. The NP Kitesurfing Golf Bag features light-weight design, sturdy wheels, lots of padding to protect your board and kites and hard-wearing materials all-round.

Key Features:
  • 8mm foam padding
  • Integrated accessories / tools pocket
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Rust proof zipper
  • Extra thick neoprene handle

  • 140 x 45 x 25cm (4’7”x 18”x 10”)
  • 150 x 48 x 25cm (4’11”x 19”x 10”)

  • 3.6kg (140 x 45 x 25cm)
  • 4.5kg (150 x 48 x 25cm)

Packing recommendations:
  • 2-3 x kites
  • 1-2 x twin tip boards with bindings
  • multiple harnesses and wetsuits