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Ozone Edge V10 Kite


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Ozone Edge V10 Kite

Ozone Edge V10 Kite

If you want to ride fast, send it for massive air and hang time to reach altitudes reserved only for the gods the Edge V10 is for you. Even though it can be seen winning podiums and floats riders high above the water, don’t be afraid, this is a user-friendly powerhouse that anyone can handle. Easy to access performance comes naturally through this super-charged free ride kite, it is an explosive high adrenaline machine that will leave you in withdrawal after every session.


Ozone Edge V10 - Packing a serious punch from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

Now reaching its 10th version milestone, the Edge is as popular as ever and has been meticulously revised to take you beyond. The Edge V10 is incredibly smooth in the air thanks to refined profile sections and a new wing tip shape. The canopy has increased support and maintains form even in gusty conditions.

The handling reaction time has been improved, it drives faster through turns making it easier to send it big and maximise satisfaction from your free ride sessions. The bar feeling is smoother and more progressive on the back lines as the kite transitions through angle of attack range, helping during take off to perfectly time your jumps.

On the SNOW! Yes that’s right, the Edge V10 is possibly the best inflatable kite in existence for taking advantage of the cold white stuff. It’s got speed, power, and the best attribute is how easily you can get air - all you have to do is gain speed, edge hard and send it!


Ozone Edge V9 Kite - Wind Range

Ozone Edge V10 Key Features:

  • New 5 strut construction for weight savings & increased canopy flex
  • Huge de-power range
  • Comparable feeling throughout the size range
  • One-Pump system for quick and easy setup
  • High volume inflate/deflate valve
  • Multiple trimming options for customized handling and bar pressure
  • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors
  • New high volume inflate/deflate valve for quicker setup and pack down
  • 4-Line Pulleyless System - simplicity reduces set up time and eliminates checking your lines twice. Pulley-less equals a more direct to kite feel and no parts to worry about getting jammed with sand or wearing out
  • Insane upwind and downwind abilities
  • Extreme hang-time and lift
  • Teijin Techno Force D2 sail material
  • New planform which helps relaunching and self launch
  • Tip struts moved towards centre reducing sail flutter and increasing turning speed
  • Light weight aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads
  • Refined tip shape for precise, intuitive handling for faster turning providing a more constant pressure throughout the Depower range.
  • Multiple settings for handling heavier bar pressure and slower handling and lighter bar pressure and faster handling respectively
  • Increased leading edge and strut volume for better floatation, relaunch and rigidity
  • New aerofoil sections designed to give more performance whilst reducing drag making the kite faster and smoother in the air
  • Easy relaunch – just turn the bar 
  • Total Depower – From Full Power to No Power 
  • Predictable and easy handling 
  • Huge wind-range >> Low end and High end 
  • Points high into the wind >> 
  • Bar design with stainless steel insert and integrated flag out safety
  • Refined control system - below the bar 100% depower safety system allows the bar to spin without twisting up your leash.
  • Innovative high grade stainless Power Bracket, allowing for flawless flag-out safety system
  • Stopper Ball for flag out safety system