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Sku: pl-7m
Vendor: Peter Lynn


Peter Lynn Kitesurfing Beginner's Package

If you've just completed your kitesurfing lessons this setup will get you up and going without breaking a bank. Both kite and the board are perfect for your first steps into the world of kiteboarding but also for a constant progressions. Even though this package is aimed at beginners, it will provide you with ample amounts of versatility to take your riding to another level. It's not a package you will outgrow quickly and it will keep up with your progress.

Package includes:

  • Peter Lynn Swell V4 Kitesurfing Kite
  • Peter Lynn Patrol Kiteboard
  • Peter Lynn Navigator Bar & Lines & Kite Leash
  • Pump
  • Discount on Wetsuit and Harness - get in touch for more details and help with choosing the right gear for you and save even more!

Peter Lynn Swell V4 is one of the world's best wave and freeride kites. It's super stable in the air which massively aids progression. Due to being aimed at riders using it in large swells, the relaunch is phenomenal - so you'll spend less time trying to get it back in the air. Having a massive wind range means it will accommodate for gusts and lulls without throwing you off the balance. And lots of trimming options will help with increasing or decreasing amount of power in the kite.

Peter Lynn Patrol Kiteboard is an ideal blend of correct amount of rocker to get over the chop and waves and having enough of flat section in the middle to help with going upwind. The board has medium flex, which means it will soften landings from going over choppy waters and jumps, but also it provides enough grip and pop to learn tricks when you get to that stage. It's a great freeride board that you won't have to replace anytime soon.

- Durable board carved from paulownia full wood core
- Strong thanks to the quadriaxial fibreglass finishing reinforced with two carbon strips
- Flexible tips to absorb shocks and allow for softer landings
- Low rocker to ensure easy speeding
- Single concave for smooth and comfortable riding
- 50mm G10 fins to provide the board incredible grip
- Soft pads and straps that ensure you don’t slip out

Peter Lynn Navigator Bar is just as we like all bars to be - simple and uncluttered. With the use of highly durable lines, instant quick-release system and premium bar components, the Navigator will keep you safe on the water.

If you have any questions about getting the right kite size & board for your weight and wind conditions feel free to get in touch and we'll do our best to find you the perfect match. Both Peter Lynn Swell V4 kite and the Patrol Board are available for demo at our Store and School.