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Vendor: Peter Lynn
The UNIQ single skin series consists of three different models. Each model is supremely easy to fly and delivers instant power even in the lightest breeze. They are stable and reliable without complex control systems. Yet the first and foremost advantage of the UNIQ kites is that they are practically indestructible. Besides they pack compactly and weigh a lot less than conventional foil kites; not only because they are made with less material, but also because they are 40-60% more powerful for the same size. Last but not least, Uniq kites do not collect any sand that may affect flying.

The UNIQ Quad is a highly efficient and powerful 4-line kite for starters who are looking for a challenge and the more experienced flyers who are looking for a fun expansion of their lightwind quiver. Its light weight and compact packing size make it the ultimate travellers kite. The 4-line controls give the flyer complete control, similar to 'normal' fixed bridle kites.

-4-line single skin fixed bridle kite with handles
-Highly efficient and powerful powerkite for more experienced flyers and starters
-Lightweight and small pack-up size make it the ideal solution for kite expeditions and flyers that travel a lot
-Virtually indestructible because of the single skin
-Excellent stability: no collapsing, no luffing and no overflying
-Does not collect any sand that may affect flying
-Huge amount of power and great flying experience
-Extremely durable due to the strong construction
-High quality 40D ripstop nylon and Dyneema flying lines
-Packs up small and weighs a lot less than conventional foil kites